A Quick Reminder.

Not every moment of your life demands strength and courage, and that not every person in this world demands perfection. There are some that just want to know you, those that love you despite the tears, the failures, the imperfections. Those that embrace the broken pieces of your heart.

It is in those ‘Some’ that true joy of life is found.


Courage, they say. It’s the loud yells, the lavish stance and the yearning to graze the heavens. It’s the spunk that you feel and the passion flowing rampant in your veins. It’s the valour with which you jump in the gallows and the roars of victory that follow the enemy’s defeat. It’s the ability to stand tall and proud, and a quality that others admire.

But No one speaks of the greatest courage. No one says that they’ve lived. They don’t say that they’ve loved and they’ve watered the feeble blooms. That for every smile that they had flowered, laughter had rang across. That they’ve lived, with a love for themselves and a heart that pattered for all the others. That they’ve lived a life of ardour, with a compassion that kindled the souls. That when they stare at the days they have spent, they feel nothing but a loving pride.’

Diversity of Life.

The beauty of nature has never been redundant. There has always been a new diamond, hidden beneath its embrace, waiting for the appropriate being to draw it out.

The rainbow can never sparkle with just one colour. The garden can never flourish with just one flower.

The beauty of life is always in the diversity, in those array of colours that paint the world of grey to reveal an amazing picture

And thus, my darling, you with all your originality, complete the last piece of this eternal puzzle.