Clan of Hyuuga

The cold-blooded clan was what they labeled them but what they never realised was that it was the cost of their existence.

The Hyuuga were hailed as the masters of Byakugan. They were born with the untainted brilliance to perceive but what people forgot was that they were also born with the ability to feel.

Humans strive on the instincts to survive and it was their instinct that sealed their fragility beneath voracious stone.
Because from the beginning of life, no material force has let the purity survive. It is the feat of the world to taint the virtue of a man with the turmoil of the times.

In consequence, no hyuuga had lived with the delicacy of the heart and still lived with the orbs that hadn’t been defiled by the malevolence they saw.


Finding one’s soulmate becomes nothing short of the Divine grace.

No two hearts beat to the same rhythm, consequently, no two people will ever be the same.

Then why a soulmate? they say. Why is there a person who’s so much like your own inner self?
In the end, it is not about being similar, but it is about being marvelous together.

No two hearts beat to the same rhythm, but when two beats resonate together, the melody that they produce is the very gift of the heavens.